Come and cheer on the cyclists

Finnish cycling classic. The toughest race in Finland.
Arranged for the 91st time.

For the audience

Finnish cycling classic. Finland’s most popular and challenging road cycling race. A lot of people come to see the race, we have an international atmosphere. This year is the 91th Porvoo race. Who is going to win this year? Come and cheer on the cyclists.

The Porvoo race as well as the Ole Wackströms memorial race on the previous day, have the start and finish line in/on the vicinity of the Porvoo center, at the beginning of Jernbölentie. Start and Finish line is surrounded with park like area. The area is a good spot to watch the race because the cyclist will pass the that area multiple times during the race. The events of the race will also be shown on a big screen in the finish area, where you will be able to follow the race with ease during the rounds.

At the finish area there will also be restaurant and kiosk services as well as exhibitors. Catering will come from the local favorite restaurant Sabai. For years Sabai has been favored by the locals for its delicious Thai food. Sabai can also offer a limited number of services to companies’ VIP groups.

There is no parking at the start and finish area, but in the immediate vicinity of it, there is free parking along the streets and near the Myllymäki school.