• Porvoonajot - Porvoo race

    June 8th and 9th

Porvoon Ajot - Borgå Loppet

92. Porvoon Ajot Race instructions

Welcome to Finland's toughest race!
In the race guide below, you will find all the necessary instructions for participating in the competition.

Sun 13.6.2021 9 A.M



The Porvoo race follows the competition rules of Finnish Cycling Federation and UCI, as well as by the Road Traffic Act.
Competitors must drive along the right lane of the road - not in the oncoming lane. An exception to this rule is the finish line that is closed from other traffic, where the left lane is also used by competitors. It is imperative to comply with this rule and the said legislation. This also applies to service vehicles. If service vehicles have to bypass another vehicle, it must be done where it can be done safely and in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. Service cars that violate competition or road traffic laws are removed from the service car line without any precautions.


Huhtinen, Porvoo

Competition Office: Near the start and finish area.
Attention! The competition office is located inside the race route.
Parking: Parking on the Huhtinen school parking lot or nearby area.

The start and finish lines are on Jernbölentie.


Will be announced later


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The entry fee is 50 euros per rider in all categories.

The last registration date is Mon 7.6. Post-registration on site at least one hour before start of the race costs 70 euros.


Feeding is allowed after two rounds, but not in the last 3 short laps. Service can be performed with the permission of a judge behind competitors, or from a service car from its own place. Stationary feeding takes place on Maneesinkatu. The litter area is located in connection with the maintenance area.

Littering is prohibited by a fine of EUR 50 outside the designated area.


The race numbers need to be attached visibly to the right pocket and to the right side of the upper back / shoulder. In addition, the M-Elite and M18 class have a frame number. The competition numbers must be returned after the finish. For unreturned numbers, we charge 50 euro fine.

Race number instructions



A first aid unit will follow the caravan in Men/Women Elite categories. There is also a first aid unit at the finish area. The route supervisors have a telephone connection to first aid staff. The closest hospital is the Porvoo Hospital (Sairaalantie 1, 06150 Porvoo), tel 116117.


Service car numbers are distributed to team leaders (M and N elite and racing). In addition to the driver, service vehicles must have at least one service person and a functioning two-way radio. A team not participating at 8.00 am (N-Elite / N-18 and Kat-2) and at 10.00 (M-Elite / M-18) must not place a service car.


The award ceremony will be held in the vicinity of the Finish line immediately after the M-Elite class finish and after the initial results have been completed.

M-Elite: The top six (6) will be awarded
M-18: The top three (3) will be awarded
Kat-2: The top three (3) will be awarded
N-Elite: The top three (3) will be awarded
N-18: The top three (3) will be awarded


Klo 7:00The race office is opened
Klo 8:00Team leader's meeting at the start area (Elite women / Junior women / Men cat-2)
Klo 8:45Service cars are lined up after the cyclists according to the order decided in the team leader meeting
Klo 8:50Men cat-2 competitors performs the start signing off and groups at the start area
Klo 9:00Men cat-2 starts. Distance is 4 big laps, 88km in total
Klo 9:01Elite and junior women competitors performs the start signing off and groups at the start area
Klo 9:10Elite and junior women starts. Distance is 3 big laps, 66km in total
Klo 10:00Team leader's meeting at the start area (Elite men / Junior men)
Klo 11:50Elite and junior men competitors performs the start signing off and groups at the start area
Klo 12:00Elite and junior men starts. The distance is 6 big laps and 4 short laps of 161km in total
n. klo 12:10Price ceremony Elite women, Junior women and Men cat-2
Klo 16:15Price ceremony Elite and Junior men after they have finished
Klo 17:30The race office and dressing rooms / showers are closed


Organizer: Porvoo Akilles
Chief Commissaire: Jouni Luukkanen
Race Director: Mathias Hannus
Race office: Terhi Järvikari


The race results will be published after the competition here:


Porvoon Akilles
Mathias Hannus 050 376 0564, mathias.hannus@akilles.fi, www.porvoonajot.fi